Main Course

Appetizers, Main Course

Vegan Roasted Goose 素燒鵝

Today we are introducing the recipe of a very famous and traditional Cantonese dish and we have veganized it😛
Roast goose(燒鵝) is a signature dish in Cantonese cuisine and the process to make it is very long and complicated, it is almost impossible to make the original dish at home, but with the vegan version, all you need is just a few simple ingredients and a little time in the kitchen, you can make this for your friends and family and they will for sure be impressed

Main Course

Clay Pot Congee with Shiitake, Salted Radish and Pak Choi 砂鍋粥

Congee is basically rice porridge which is quite common in many Asian countries, but the making of it differs in different countries and regions. Cantonese congee is the most famous and popular one in China, with the basis of plain congee(白粥), there are many congee dishes cooked with different ingredients, most famous ones are Sampan congee, fish congee, congee with hundred year egg and pork.

Main Course, Tofu

Scallion Tofu 蔥燜豆腐

Scallion Tofu is one of the easiest and quickest tofu dishes there is, with only scallion and tofu, and two sauces, you can make it in within 5 minutes. After braising in sauces, the tofu absorbs the flavor of the sauce and the aroma of scallion, super yummy and juicy.

Main Course

Mapo Tofu 麻婆豆腐

Mapo Tofu is probably one of the most loved tofu dishes ever, and is certainly a signature dish of Sichuan cuisine, Mapo(麻婆) means an older woman with a freckled face in Chinese, it was allegedly invented by a woman who was running a small restaurant […]

Main Course, Noodles, Tofu

Zha Jiang Mian 炸酱麵

Zha Jiang Mian means “fried sauce noodles” or “noodles with soybean paste” – it is the most traditional and popular noodle dish from Beijing. It consists of thick wheat noodles topped with zhajiang sauce. Zhajiang sauce is normally made by simmering stir-fried ground pork or […]