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Appetizers, Main Course

Vegan Roasted Goose 素燒鵝

Today we are introducing the recipe of a very famous and traditional Cantonese dish and we have veganized it😛
Roast goose(燒鵝) is a signature dish in Cantonese cuisine and the process to make it is very long and complicated, it is almost impossible to make the original dish at home, but with the vegan version, all you need is just a few simple ingredients and a little time in the kitchen, you can make this for your friends and family and they will for sure be impressed

Appetizers, Snacks

Popcorn Mushroom 鹹酥杏鮑菇

This is a vegan version of a Taiwanese street food-“popcorn chicken”, here we substitute chicken with king oyster mushroom(which is a good alternative for chicken in general). This popcorn mushroom is delicious and easy to make, and the perfect snack for a movie/game night at […]


Lettuce Wraps 生菜包

Lettuce wraps(生菜包) are actually a Hong Kong style Thai dish which has been very popular at the Thai restaurants in HK. The original version is with pork, here we used vegan mince and it tastes very good, the slightly spicy mince wrapped in lettuce, these lettuce wraps are spicy, sour, crunchy, fresh, fragrant – a collision of flavours😋